Thinking Beyond Fire Prevention Month

October was Fire Prevention Month, but the reality is that being proactive should be top of mind year-round to prevent and reduce incidents on the job.

As humans, we tend to focus on things the most when somebody brings our attention to them. Until then, something else usually grabs our focus. And so before, turkeys and mistletoe steal your attention away, dedicate yourself to making a difference in fire prevention, 365 days a year

Here are a few ways to do just that:

1) Dedicate 15 minutes a day to professional development. Learning is a lifelong pursuit, and it starts with your daily routine. The most effective safety managers carve out some time every day to further their knowledge base and make improvements.

2) Make safety part of the workplace culture. You can’t be too heavy-handed or literal when it comes to communicating the importance of incident prevention. How about posting signs that say, “What have I done to prevent fires today?”

3) Think: “Safety never sleeps and knows no location.”  Workers don’t leave their habits — for good or bad — at home. That’s why it’s important to emphasize that best practices to prevent residential fires also translate to safer work environments. 

4) A plan is not enough.  A Fire Prevention Plan is only as good as its execution. You need to train everyone on their role and audit their progress along the way.

A closing thought: While everyone has a role in fire safety, leadership is important to any effort.  Whether you’re the Plant Manager, EHS Manager or just part of the team, leading those around you to a more fire safe workplace is a noble cause and worth the daily effort!

As always, let me know how I might help in any way.  I’m passionate about your fire safety 24-7, 365.

In safety,


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