ICFP was formed in 2015 with the goal of reducing the risk of injury and property loss in industries through fire prevention assessments, employee education and training. 


Keeping People and Workplaces Safe

Our program challenges workers and managers to look at their workplace through the lens of an experienced firefighter. The result is that people better understand the potential outcomes triggered by risky behavior and unsafe conditions and will be motivated to keep their work and home environments fire safe.

About ICFP
founded by Kunze

Kenneth A. Kunze is a retired firefighter, who served 30 years with the Fort Wayne Indiana Fire Department including 15 years as a Battalion Chief in the Combat Division.

As an operations supervisor in the fire service, it was critical for Chief Kunze to identify high-risk occupancies in his response territory and work to mitigate risks. Today, he expands on this experience by dedicating his career to preventing fire. IC Fire Prevention has made hundreds of site visits to scrap metal/recycling facilities to identify unnecessary risks to employees, customers, and emergency responders. Through this work, employers have received thousands of safety recommendations and reduced serious hazards on site. IC Fire Prevention is uniquely qualified to assess facilities for deficiencies and engage employees in the fire prevention process.

NFPA Certified Fire Inspector

The NFPA Certified Fire Inspector I (CFI-I) certification program was created in response to repeated requests by local entities, state agencies, and national organizations for certification programs founded on the NFPA 1031, Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Inspector and Plan Examiner, and other applicable NFPA codes and standards.

The goals of this program are to:

Our Impact


Currently Serving U.S. States and Canadian Providences.